7 Best Printable Christmas Wish Lists For Your Whole Family


Shopping for family gifts has never been an easy task. Gift anxiety, the challenge of finding affordable and meaningful presents for your loved ones – forget about all those worries with our handy Christmas wish lists!

We've gathered a wide variety of wish lists that are going to suit everyone's taste and help the whole family make their minds up on the ideas for their perfect Christmas gifts. You will always know what to bring to your family members and friends party with all of their wishes written down, and spare them the trouble of picking out the perfect gift for you!

Our wish lists vary from big and detailed to small and simple - you can choose from a wide selection of colorful and festive stationery to meet your every holiday need. Just choose your favorites, print them out and enjoy jotting down all of your Christmas wishes!

1. Christmas Wish List For Kids



This fun and bright Christmas wish list is great for kids – your children are going to love the happy colors and cheerful design. It will help them to organize their thoughts before the holiday madness and come to a definite decision about their wishes. This list will spare you the trouble of figuring out the perfect Christmas gift idea for your little ones.

Just print the list out and give your children some time to think things through. Pack the list up and send straight to Santa!

2. Personal Christmas Wish List 


If you are feeling a bit shy about being straightforward with your holiday wishes, this wish list can help you overcome your anxieties.

You will get the chance to compile and logically organize all of your ideas for the perfect Christmas gifts for you – the list is narrow and detailed but gives enough place to write your preferences down. Feel free to write down even the craziest of wishes - after all, you never know if someone might eventually get them for you!

3. Christmas Wishes Santa Letter


It can be very tricky to gather all your thoughts together especially with all the hustle and bustle of Christmas prep. Many people have experienced the so-called "gift anxiety", which can also become an obstacle when choosing the presents for others and for thinking about your own ideas of your dream Christmas gifts.

This wish list might just make the job easier for you or your children – it's made in a good old form of a letter to Santa Clause! Pretend to be writing a letter to the Father Christmas and let the wishes flow without any trouble.

4. Happy and Festive Holiday Wish List



A cute and colorful Christmas wish list made with cheerful holiday colors. The happy faces of Santa and his fellow reindeer helpers will encourage your children to write down their wishes. The kids are definitely getting the perfect presents this holiday season – print the list down and get them thinking about their Christmas wishes!

5. Detailed Christmas Wish List


This is a narrow and detailed wish list for those who usually have a lot of trouble figuring out the exact kind of a Christmas gift they might like to receive. The list is divided into sections giving you a chance to brainstorm the thing you want and need this holiday season.
You can think both pragmatically and irrationally – the categories on the list will help you figure out what the best presents for you actually are. Just don’t forget to share it with the others! 

6. Festive Wish List Hand-outs


If you have a big family and there is just no way to keep all of their preferences in your head, then this Christmas wish list will be your number one helper. Print out as many copies as you need, hand them out to everyone in your family and let them come up with their gift ideas.

7. Rainbow Stars Christmas Wish List


Did you get tired of those plain and boring lined lists? This list is fancy-looking – and in a good way. No need to arrange your wishes in a strict line-by-line order – the categories are haphazardly arranged into star-decorated circles.

Arrange your information in any way you like or customize it further with festive shapes, colors or designs!