9 Free And Fun Halloween Party Games For Kids And The Whole Family


The last weeks before winter may feel like a Sunday morning, but there is a thing that can make you keep your fall blues spirits up! Literally spirits. Yes, it’s Halloween! It doesn’t matter how old you are - everyone is excited about some trick or treating.

The modern market doesn’t fall back and jumps on the train, helping us preserve that fairy-nightmare atmosphere we all love from our childhood. Everything goes Halloween themed: starting from spicy pumpkin lattes in black cups and ending with parties full of vampires and werewolves fighting over who should ask a banshee out. And what is a Halloween party without a good Halloween party game?

Entertainment blogs recommend tons of ideas for Halloween party games for kids, with all those cute skeletons and little bats. And anyone can spontaneously come up with ideas for an adult Halloween party game – they are all the same aren’t they? - just add some fake blood and fangs to it and you're good to go.

What we seriously lack though is good Halloween game ideas for families where both parents and kids are present and do their best not to go all Wednesday and Pugsley Addams over each other. Party planning can be a hard task that can spoil all the fun, and in the adult life domain, nothing can be as spooky and blood-chilling as thinking about the party budget. Don’t worry about that, we can help you with a bunch of free and fun ways to make the party an experience of a lifetime the  Or afterlife-time.

Even if you are not a great fan of gettogether parties you might find these tips useful and even enjoy your Munsters family meeting.

So - without further adieu - here's a countdown of nine spooky Halloween party game ideas:


Let’s be honest, that’s the first thing that came into your mind!

Seasonal markets full of pumpkins of all shapes and sizes pop up on every corner, so getting several of them to carve won't cost you a fortune! Buy a couple of pumpkins in advance in case your guests’ fantasy and creativity run wild! Pair up grown-ups with kids to make even teams and hand out pumpkins for them to work on. Raise the difficulty with a ridiculous handicap like tying the pairs by one hand and making them use the free hand to carve and hold the Jack-o-lantern - call it the Siamese-siblings contest! Or make them paint the lanterns while blindfolded (remember to be careful with knives, otherwise your Halloween party game will turn into another nightmare).


Pumpkin carving can be quite a messy business! Halloween party game for kids shouldn’t be too much of a pain for adults the next day. In case you don’t have enough space in your backyard or simply don’t want to stain your kitchen you could use posters or Halloween cards ideas to decorate your house instead. Prepare enough paper, scissors and glue and a just bit of imagination! They are easily customized - just give your cards a little macabre touch with skeletons and bats! Use pumpkin cutouts or stencils to decorate your walls and windows. It won't leave a mess - just peel it off in the morning.


Another good Halloween party game is the spookiest poster contest! Do you remember those VHS tapes with trashy horror movies that you miss in today’s digital world? Not anymore! Put the guests in teams and suggest drawing a thriller movie poster (or print out Haloween-related coloring sheets and choose the darkest and scariest colors to fill the picture with!). Both parents and older relatives will definitely appreciate the nostalgia and kids will get a glimpse into the childhood wonders of their parents.


The ultimate Halloween party game! Do you recall those sweet boy scout summer nights with stories about the Red Right Hand and White Ladies? Now you can pass them on, but be prepared, today’s kids are really hard to impress. Sit in a circle and prepare to be spooked. This Halloween party game doesn’t require any props! Ok, just one –  a flashlight. 


This one goes to all of the Harry Potter nerds out there! Halloween is the time for not only ghouls and mermaids but also for fellow witches and wizards. Fill a witch hat or a bag with different candies, divide your guests into teams and make them taste and guess the candies. This real-life version of the game is less intense than the movie without any trick-tastes and bad surprises. You could also prepare pieces of tomatoes and cucumbers in different wrappings to confuse your guests even more. Now that's a sneaky way to make your kids eat greens on in the middle of a Halloween party game!


Teambuilding at the Halloween party game! It can also serve as an icebreaker in case there are many newcomers and having to cope with obligatory small talk. You all agree that “Steve, 30 years old, bachelor dentist” is less exciting than “Prince of the Undead” to both kids and adults. Put your guests in a circle, give them stickers and ask them to write any scary creature’s name and then pass it to their partner on the left. Ask yes/no questions and try to guess who you are this night!


Get your guests in a circle again and give them a cup of coffee. Turn over the wet coffee grounds on a plate and guess the future by decoding the shapes of the spot! Think of the scariest and spookiest possible predictions! You even get your old Ouija board out - if you dare.


Your kids will be thrilled to take part in preparations! Give them a task to prepare their own box filling it with anything that will pop into their mischievous minds. Noodles, dry apricots, fake fur, peeled grapes – anything will do. Guests then put their hands into the box and guess the contents. You have no idea how vivid imagination becomes at a Halloween party game!


Again, both kids and grown-ups will be thrilled to take part in this party game. Take all the ingredients you need for a punch (fruit, berries, cinnamon, ginger, carnation, you choose), lay them on a table and ask teams to come up with the best recipe!