Five Free Printable Hanukkah Decorations For Your Home


Hanukkah is coming and everyone is busy preparing for this joyous event. Families all over the world gather to exchange gifts, eat special foods, play games and retell the story of Hanukkah.

Decorating your home for the holidays with your kids is a great way to share those memorable moments together, teach important skills and encourage creativity. You don't need to splurge on pricey decorations - choosing to go DIY with your festive decor can be a simple and fun way to spend these special days before the celebration.

Hanukkah-themed crafts are extremely versatile. You can follow along step-by-step or come up with your own ideas based on our sets of free printables.

1. Star of David Stencil Templates


Most of the activities require just the basic supplies. Stock your craft cupboard with glitter paper or cardstock and cut out Hanukkah symbols to hang up around your house or on the windows instead of the boring old snowflakes. Some other significant Hanukkah symbols include candles, a menorah, an elephant and a hammer - consider incorporating these into your holiday decor as well.

2. DIY Paper Dreidels


The dreidel has a rich and significant cultural background - barred from owning religious books under the rule of Antiochus, the kids would study while pretending to play with the toy. The four-sided top has four distinct letters in Hebrew on each side.

Help your kids with cutting and glueing together parts of the print-out template while encouraging them to learn more about the traditions and story behind the dreidel. These paper dreidels can be used as a toy, decoration or a nifty place card at your Hanukah dinner table.

3. Hanukkah-themed coloring pages


Add some color to your kid's room with this fun coloring project. This DIY is an excellent idea for younger kids: show your child how to paint with child-safe watercolors or color in the shapes with colored pencils or bright crayons.

4. Festive Menorah Stencil


Decorate your entire house with festive murals and menorah-shaped paper crafts. Print them, cut out the shapes and use any liquid paint and a sponge to create your designs - it super easy and crazy cute!

You can also use the cut-out as a guide to creating your very own homemade construction paper applique. Use different colors for the candle holder, candles and flames. Decorate with glitter, ribbons or markers and you're good to go. Hang the finished project near the fireplace, dinner table or a door. Make it a contest with your kids and choose the best one! (Spoiler alert: all of them are the best!)

5. Happy Hannukah Poster



Another menorah sign for menorah-lovers! The sign features a cheerful "Happy Hanukkah" headline done in a festive blue with a happy silver! You can hang it on a door with a ribbon or use it as a postcard - either way, your guests will be delighted.