Wine Tasting Sheet

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A wine tasting sheet is used to judge a wine by its appearance, aroma, body, taste and finish. Using a wine placemat allows the participant to pick out all of the flavours they taste in the drink, identify the intensity and other important characteristics. Wine tasting sheets are most commonly used to compare several wines placing each of them on a comparative graph. The comparative system can be simplified - some recommend simply marking how a wine makes you feel with a smiley face and adding some extra notes on the taste and smell - if you feel like it.

What is a Blind Wine Tasting Sheet

You can add a bit of fun to your wine tasting experience by enjoying the drink without actually knowing anything about the wine in your glass beforehand. Using a blind wine tasting sheet can help you get an honest assessment of the wine you really enjoy without being led on by a brand name or flashy packaging - it may also protect you from the wineries’ attempts to push their own during a tasting. Each wine will be assigned a number by which it will then be identified on the placemat. In the end, you’ll just need to tally up all of the scores on the tasting sheet and you’ll have your winner.

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