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A growth chart is a spreadsheet or chart used to monitor growth over a period of time. They are compiled by observing the growth of a large number of normal individuals over a period of time and are most commonly used to predict the expected weight and height of a child and to compare measured growth to growth norms. Growth charts consist of series of percentile curves that illustrate the distribution of selected body measurements in children. Environment, genetics and lifestyle factors like nutrition and physical activity all impact a child's height and weight. Gender also plays a vital part in development - clinical growth charts for boys and girls will usually vary due to pubertal and other differences. Growth patterns for children with a genetic disability will also follow a distinct curve unique for children with that condition.

How to Make an At-home Growth Chart

You can make your very own growth trackers to keep an eye on your kids’ height and growth. Having a keepsake growth chart is a great way to mark height milestones and remember this special time in your family history. Get creative with it - print out or craft one to hang in your kids’ bedroom or start and decorate a journal charting their development. A cute idea for tracking kids’ height is a painted mural or ruler - create a cute craft to keep a record of your kids’ growth without ruining the walls.

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