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for R134a and R404A should apply to R600a and R290 compressors as well. In general, keeping the
return gas cool without flooding liquid refrigerant back to the compressor is beneficial in limiting compressor
discharge and motor temperatures to acceptable levels.
Refrigerant quantity:
The refrigerant quantity will depend on the system components. In general, 40 to
50% less R600a or R290 will be needed compared to R134a or R404A.
The evacuation levels for R600a or R290 systems should be the same as for HCFC systems
(minimum of 200 microns at the system and pulled from both the low and high pressure sides of
the system). If care is not taken to prevent moisture from entering the system components prior
to assembly, evacuation could be expected to take longer to achieve acceptable limits of system
moisture and non-condensables.
Leak Testing
Use equipment that is designed for R600a or R290 detection by its manufacturer. Consult these
manufacturers for their recommendations on their equipment.
Refrigerant Charging
In general, materials found in refrigerant charging equipment such as charging boards, valves,
and hoses, which are compatible with HCFC’s should be compatible with R600a or R290. Consult
your equipment and component manufacturer for their specific recommendations. Proper care
must be exercised in the selection and use of charging equipment due to the flammable nature of
R600a and R290.
R600a and R290 can be charged in either the liquid or vapor state, since they are pure fluids. If
refrigerant charging is done in the liquid state, it should be done into the liquid line. Vapor charging
can be done into the suction line. (The preferred method of charging any refrigerant is to charge
liquid into the liquid line.) CAUTION: Always break the vacuum with refrigerant vapor or liquid
before applying power to the compressor.
Since special safety considerations must be applied in the design of equipment using hydrocarbon
refrigerants, such as R600a and R290, Tecumseh does not approve of, endorse, nor recommend retrofitting
existing systems with R600a and R290.
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