A Friendly Letter Template


A friendly letter is an informal letter, it is usually sent to our friends or relatives.
Here are a few tips for writing it:
There are many uses and reasons for writing a friendly letter, but usually friendly
letters will consist of topics on a personal level.
Friendly letters can either be printed or hand-written.
Friendly letter is typically less formal than a business letter.
Usually the first paragraph of the body consists of an introduction which gives the
recipient an idea about you're writing to them with a short summary of the main topic
of your letter.
If you don't know the person you are writing to, you may want to introduce yourself in
this introductory paragraph as well.
The next few paragraphs usually consist of the message you want to get across along
with any details you may want to express.
The last paragraph is usually the conclusion where you sum up your main idea, thank
the recipient for his/her time, wish the recipient well, and/or ask any questions.
Since friendly letters are less formal, you can feel free to write it however you like, but
the above format is fairly common.


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