Formal And Common Cover Letter Example


Your name
Current Address
City, State, Zipcode
Make a phone call or two to find out 
the correct name, spelling, and title, 
of the individual you should contact 
Mr./Ms./Dr. Name
if it is unclear in the job positing to 
whom you should address the 
Organization/Company Name
letter. If no name is provided, use 
Street Address
Human Resources, Search 
City, State, Zipcode
Committee, or Hiring Manager. 
Dear Ms./Mr./Dr. Last Name:
Paragraph- State why you are writing. Name the position or the type of work for which you are applying.
Mention how you heard about the job opening. Make a claim as to why you are an excellent candidate for the
position (Hint: This is your thesis statement for the letter).
Paragraph- This is where you will elaborate on your thesis. Do not directly
Paragraph or 2
and 3
repeat information from your resume. Highlight the skills or areas of expertise you will bring to the position,
i.e., your educational credentials, employment experience, and personal attributes that qualify you for the position
by including specific examples from your experiences. Also, think about who the reader is: what skills are valued
in this particular field? What are some of the issues or trends this employer might be facing? How can you
make a contribution to this organization? If you’ve “done your homework” you’ll already be aware of some of
the answers as well as some terminology of the field. Reflect this awareness and knowledge in your letter.
Closing paragraph- Refer the reader to the enclosed resume. State that additional information concerning your
background and interests will gladly be furnished upon request (this includes your references). State that you
will contact them (usually in a week) to see if you might set up a mutually convenient time to meet, or that you
may be contacted at either your email address or phone. Include both your phone number and email address
because neither appears above. In the event of an on-campus interview or previously agreed upon action, state
that you look forward to talking with the employer about the opportunity in the near future. Thank the reader
for their time and consideration of your application.
(Space for your signature)
If you are asked to send your resume and cover letter via U.S. Mail, 
use quality stationary and envelopes that match as well as heavier 
Typed Name
paper such as cardstock.  Presentation will be critical in setting 
yourself apart from the rest of the candidates. 
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