Notary Public Application Instructions


State of Arizona – Office of the Secretary of State
Notary Public Application Instructions
Before applying, applicants
Secretary of State Ken Bennett, Atten: Notary Division
must obtain and read the
1700 W. Washington Street, FL. 7, Phoenix, AZ 85007-2808
Arizona Notary Public
Reference Manual,
OR return the application in person:
PHOENIX - State Capitol Executive Tower,
TUCSON - Arizona State Complex,
available at
1700 W. Washington Street, 1st Fl., Room 103
400 W. Congress, 1st Fl., Suite 139-1
Secretary of State
Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., except state holidays.
(602) 542-6187.
PLEASE NOTE: The notary commission application process takes about four weeks.
. 12/20/2013
Questions? Call the Secretary of State’s Office, Notary Division at (602) 542-6187.
Must be at least 18 years of age.
Must be an Arizona Resident for income tax purposes.
Must be a citizen or a legal permanent resident of the U.S.
If you have had a professional license revoked or suspended
for misconduct or dishonesty or any cause that substantially
Must NOT have a conviction for a felony UNLESS your
relates to the duties or responsibilities of a notary public, or if
civil rights have been restored, or a conviction of a lesser
you have had your notary commission revoked or suspended,
offense involving moral turpitude or of a nature that is
the Secretary of State may refuse to grant you a commission.
incompatible with the duties of a notary public.
Must be able to read and write English.
Do Not Apply if You Fail to Meet Any of the Above Requirements.
STEP 1. Obtain and Complete a Notary Public Application
Applications are available in the Arizona Notary Public Reference Manual or online at The online application can be
filled out electronically and printed out.
Name/Signature Requirements:
Address Requirements:
Print or type your name (Section 2) and sign your name
Include the PHYSICAL location of your residence; you are
(Section 5) EXACTLY as you want your notary commission to
commissioned from your home address.
be issued. Include your middle initial or middle name ONLY if
ATTENTION: The Business Address is public record and will be
you intend to use it when signing as a notary public.
displayed online at the Secretary of State’s website.
Your signature in Section 5 must be an original signature in ink.
Fill in all form blanks:
The typed name and signature on the application must also
If a field is not applicable, respond with “n/a” unless a field is
EXACTLY match the name on the bond that you obtain in Step
2 of these instructions.
STEP 2. Purchase a 4-year, $5,000 Notary bond in duplicate form from an insurance agent
To obtain a notary bond consult your local phone book for a list of insurance agents who supply bonds. You can also contact your
insurance agent to see if he or she offers notary bonds.
Name Requirements:
Signature Requirements:
The bond must show the printed (Section 2) and signed
Your signature must be properly notarized and sealed with an
(Section 5) name EXACTLY as prepared on the application.
ink notary seal on the bond. Because the bond is a “jurat” there
can’t be any blank spaces.
Date & Time-Frame Requirements:
The Notary who executes the bond cannot be the same person
The bond MUST include its effective and expiration dates.
who is purchasing the bond.
Effective Date: The bond cannot be issued MORE THAN 60
The bond must be countersigned by the authorized bonding
DAYS BEFORE the commission is initiated.
company agent in two places on the bond form.
Expiration date: The expiration date of the bond is always four
years later and one day less than the effective date.
STEP 3. Filing Procedure ~ Submission of the Application and Bond
Submit the following to the Secretary of State’s Office via mail or in person. See addresses listed at the top of these instructions.
Include the ORIGINAL application with an ORIGINAL signature.
Expedited Service Is Available
Include an ORIGINAL notarized bond with ORIGINAL
Include an additional $25.00 for expedited processing. Expedite
processing varies with a 24-48 hour turnaround standard.
FEE: Include a check or money order in the amount of $43.00
Applicants who request expedited service need to clearly mark the
made payable to the Secretary of State.
envelope as “EXPEDITE.”
$25.00 application fee
$43.00 total filing fee (application and bond)
+ $18.00 notary bond fee
+ $25.00 expedited service request
= $43.00 total filing fee
= $68.00 total filing fee
STEP 4. Obtain an Official Notary Seal
The rubber stamp must contain five items:
WAIT to receive a commission certificate from the Secretary of
1. The words “NOTARY PUBLIC”;
State designating you as a notary. Once received:
Order a rubber notary seal (stamp) from a stationery store,
2. The name of the county in which you are commissioned;
office supply, or insurance company. (Vendors can be found in
3. Your name EXACTLY as it appears on the bond and the
the phone book.) The rubber stamp is your official seal, but you
application form;
may use an embosser in addition to the rubber stamp.
4. Your current commission expiration date; and
5. The Great Seal of Arizona.
Office Form SOSBSNPAppInstruc
State of Arizona - Notary Public Application Instructions


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