Condition Report Template (Textile) - The Petroleum Museum


CONDITION   R EPORT   -­‐   T extile  
The   P etroleum   M useum  
Accession   N o.   _ ___________________   D ate   _ ___________   E xaminer   _ _____________
Type   o f   O bject:   _ _________________________________________________________  
Description   o f   T extile:  
Fiber:   _ ___________________________   S ize:   _ _________________________________  
Labels   ( Location):   _ __________________   M aker/History:   _ _______________________  
Condition:   W orn___   B rittle___   P owdering___   S oiled___   S tains___   F ading___  
Bleeding___   T arnished   M etal   T hreads___   L oose   T hreads___   F raying___   P ulls___  
Broken   W arps/Wefts___   H oles___   T ears___   W rinkles___   F old   L ines___   P uckers___  
Bulges___   S tretching___   S hrinking___   W arps/Wefts   o ut   o f   A lignment___  
Fungal   D amage___   I nsect   D amage___   R odent   D amage___  
Anything   l oose   ( specify)   _ ___________________________________________________  
Anything   m issing   ( specify)   _ _________________________________________________  
Previous   m ends/alterations   ( specify)   _ ________________________________________  
Condition   o f   l ining/backing:   _ ________________________________________________  
Extraneous   o f   d amaging   a ttachments:   _ _______________________________________  
Present   T reatment:   V acuumed   t hrough   s creen___   S tored   f lat___   R olled   o n   t ube   a nd  
hung___   H ung   o n   p added   h anger___   P rotected   w /   c over___   T reated   f or   s oil/stains___  
Stored   i n   c loset/cabinet___   O ther____________________________________________  
Proposed   T reatment:   F umigate___   V acuum   t hrough   s creen___   C lean___   L ine/back___  
Treat   f or   s oil/stains___   R eattach   a ccessories___   A dd   r ibbon   s upports___  
Recommendations   f or   f uture   h andling/display:  
Sketch:   ( show   a reas   o f   d amage   &   g eneral   o utline   o f   g arment)
General   C ondition  
_   E xcellent  
_   1   ( low)  
_   G ood    
_   2  
_   F air  
_   3  
_   P oor    
_   4   ( high)
_   S table    
_   I n-­‐house   T reatment  
_   U nstable  
_   C onservator  
_   M onitor  
_   O ther   _ __________


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