Action Plan Template


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Action Plan Template
Steps to Creating an Action Plan
1. Clearly define your objective: it must be measurable and achievable.
2. Decide who is to be involved in your action-planning group.
If your objective is a small, personal goal, it may be only you. However, if it is a company objective you may want to include people
who will be involved in carrying out the action plan.
3. Hold a brainstorming session with the participants to establish all possible courses of action that must be taken in order to achieve
the desired objective.
4. Develop an action plan according to the template below.
5. Review the plan thoroughly to check that it is complete.
6. Implement your action plan.
7. Track the progress achieved and tick off completed tasks.
8. Review and amend the action plan on an on-going basis.
9. Communicate with all of the people involved throughout the process.
Action Plan
Time allocated
Identify, prioritise and list the steps needed to achieve
List the resources required to achieve
Clearly define how
Allocate each
Set a deadline by
your goals in order of priority
each action
long each step
step to a
which each step must
should take to
specific person
be completed


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