University Of Minnesota College Of Continuing Education Conference Planning Task List


For additional information about
College of Continuing Education
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and registration services contact:
Conference Planning Task List
Sue Borowick, Department Director
College of Continuing Education
612-624-3642 •
Name of Event
Event Proposed Dates
Contact Person
Department and College
Program Planning and Design
1. Develop educational design (participant needs, program and participant objectives, topics, speakers, and medium of instruction.)
2. Determine event dates and locations.
3. Determine planning committee members.
a. Arrange and attend meetings.
b. Prepare reports.
4. Identify program speakers.
5. Provide timelines and assignments for program activities.
1. Contact speakers to negotiate their participation fees and expenses.
2. Send written confi rmation of presenter topic, time slot on program, and expense reimbursement details.
3. Gather AV requirements.
4. Collect biographical information.
5. Collect abstracts and handout materials from speakers.
6. Make travel arrangements: airline tickets, room reservations, or direct them to service provider.
7. Obtain signatures on appropriate forms for fee payments and expense reimbursements–process payments.
8. Secure speaker recognition and thank you items.
1. Provide instructions for abstract collection – set up Web-based tool.
2. Receive/collect abstracts.
3. Determine process for acceptance and rejection of submissions.
4. Assemble abstract book content.
5. Design and format abstract book, including cover.
6. Publish abstract book.
7. Distribute abstract book at the event.
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