Phoenix Vest Sizing Guide


Vest Sizing Guide
Phoenix #2014 Finalist
Phoenix #2020 Pro-Max
Phoenix #1225 Pro-Max 1000
Fitting Instructions:
This vest requires measurements of the chest, waist and spine. Remember, the vest is
designed to be adjustable at the shoulder as well as the chest and waist.
Reference the size chart to select the most appropriate size for your measurements
NOTE: Bull riders should select a Tall size which will provide extended abdominal
Chest - Measure at the widest point, to a snug fit. See diagram A.
Waist - Measure at the natural waist. See diagram A.
Spine - Measure from the small bump at the back of the neck down to just below the waist.
This measurement is best achieved while seated in a chair or saddle. Due to the
adjustability of the shoulders, the vest can be shortened or lengthened. A size range rather
than one single spine measurement represents this. See diagram B.
Some custom sizes are available at an additional cost. Please allow an additional 4-6
weeks for delivery.
If you need assistance with size selection, contact your local dealer or Phoenix
Back of Neck
Around Chest
Sitting in
Around Waist
Base of Spine
1.5" to 2"


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