A Beautiful Corset Lingerie Size Chart


Sizing Chart
Fit Figure B/C Cup
Fit Figure C/D Cup
• A/B cup
• Full B, small C cup
• Full C, small D cup
• C/DD Cup
• D+ Cup
• 22” – 26” waist
• 28” – 30”
• 28” – 30”
• 32” – 34”
• 36”+
• Slender, less curvy hips
• Generally in even
• Generally in even
• Generally in even
• Lower abdomen and
proportion with bust
proportion with bust
proportion with a
hips may be in larger
fuller bust
proportion to the bust
and or natural waist
Stock corsets are made in standard sizes and fabrics that are flattering for particular figures. Not every stock corset is flattering on every
figure. Use the categories above to find the most flattering fit for your figure!
Need a custom fit? Almost every stock corset option can be made custom to fit your exact measurements, in any fabric you desire. At A
Beautiful Corset, we would always recommend that you work with our professional corset fitter to find the most flattering stock or
custom style for your unique figure.
Our recommendations are based on our extensively detailed knowledge of cut dimensions for every corset style in the Vollers line of


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