4.25 X 10.625 Postcard Template - Eddm Best Practices


EDDM Best Practices
Go big or go home:
he large format automatically sets you apart from the crowd. Use the tips below to make the most of that
real estate.
Use a special stock or finishing effect:
High gloss UV, soft touch coating, foil stamping and embossing are great ways to make your piece unique
and eye-catching.
Make sure your headline is large and demands attention:
You have approximately 12 seconds to grab the attention of your audience, so make it count. You want
your headline to be compelling and entice people to keep reading and interacting with your mailer.
A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words: Less really is more when it comes to getting and keeping the attention of
your prospects. Infographics, photos and big, crisp graphics will help your piece stand out.
Make the Mail Piece Interactive:
Adding elements that engage the customer is a great way to make an impression. Custom features like
scratch offs are a great way to reveal offers and giveaways.
Have a clear Call to Action:
Make sure it is clear what a customer/prospect is supposed to do next and how they do it.
Don’t forget the basics like phone numbers and URLs.
Track It:
You want to make sure you can track the success of any mailing campaign, and this is especially important
for EDDM campaigns. Use unique coupon codes, URLs or phone numbers so you can track the success of
your campaign.


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