Pre-Application For Public Housing


Dear Applicant:
This letter is an acknowledgement of your request for a Public Housing application. We are providing you
with a Preliminary Application. The purpose of the pre-application is to permit the Housing Authority to
preliminarily assess your eligibility or ineligibility and to determine placement on the waiting list. Pre-
applications will not require interviews. Information on the application will not be verified until you have
been selected for final eligibility determination. Final eligibility will be determined when the full application
process is completed and all information is verified. You are not actually eligible for a unit offer until the final
determination has been made, even though you may have been preliminarily determined eligible and may have
been listed on the waiting list.
In order to quality for Public Housing, you must first be (1) 21 years of age or older, (2) 18 years of age
and married, or (3) have had your minority disability removed by the proper chancellor under Miss.
Code 1972 93-19-1 et seq (1994 rev).
If you choose more than one county waiting list please indicate your first choice. If you are offered a unit in a
county you have indicated and refuse with no good cause your application will go to the bottom of the waiting
list in all counties. Duplicate applications, including applications from a segment of an applicant household,
will not be accepted. Completed applications may be returned to the Housing Authority by mail or submitted
in person during normal business hours. Your date and time of application will be the date we receive the
pre-application along with all required documentation.
You will be notified by mail to come into our office to make your formal application and determine if you are
eligible for the program by verifying information you have given about your family composition, family
income and past references. You will be required to provide certain documentation at that time (ex. social
security cards, birth certificates, picture id, documentation of income and preference status).
Local Preferences claimed on the pre-application or while you are on the waiting list will be verified upon
receipt of the preliminary application and prior to placement on the waiting list. The qualification for
preference must exist at the time the preference is verified regardless of the length of time an applicant has
been on the waiting list because the preference is based on current status.
You are required to inform the Housing Authority in writing within 10 calendar days of changes in family
composition, income, and address, as well as any changes in preference status. You are also required to
respond to requests from the Housing Authority to update information on your application, or to determine
your continued interest in assistance.
Failure to provide information or to respond to mailings will result in your application being removed from the
waiting list.
Thank you, Public Housing Department


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