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Saturday, August 27
Conference, 8:30 a.m. • Evening component, 5 p.m.
San Diego Convention Center, 111 West Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92101
You can stick to one bucket or mix and match sessions for a day of work and play.
#realtalkgs2016: Fill your bucket
Session 2 (12:15-1:30 p.m.) Stop. Collaborate. And Listen.
You’re an empowered female with gifts to give. Name, frame and use
Filling your bucket isn’t as simple as heading to the water faucet. It
your positive energy and communication skills to redefine gender
involves preparing for college and your career, making space for
cultural norms. When you can awaken your true self and consciously
happiness, and sharing what you know with others. At #realtalkgs2016,
choose how you appear to the world, you can empower your peers to
fill your bucket with ideas, tools and strategies for success in all three.
do the same.
Bucket List
Session 3 (2-3:15 p.m.) Improv Yourself
Was that “Improve yourself,” or “Improv yourself”? In this session,
There’s a lot to do in life. Learn how you can check these off!
you’ll do both! Perform your way into the person you truly want to be
as you apply improv (a.k.a. improvisational acting) techniques to real
Session 1 (9:45-11 a.m.) The Road to College
life scenarios that affect you and your peers.
Wondering what classes you need? Whether to take the SAT or ACT?
When to submit your applications? Work with experts in Test
Preparation and College Admissions to answer these questions …
Bucket Quest
and many more. Whether you’re about to start your freshman year or
Be your own hero.
are just getting ready to apply to schools, this workshop will help you
chart your path to college.
Session 1 (9:45-11 a.m.) Dare Greatly
In the movie Brave, Merida tells us: “You control your destiny — you
Session 2 (12:15-1:30 p.m.) Gold Award Info Session
don’t need magic to do it. And there are no magical shortcuts to
Set yourself up to earn the highest award in Girl Scouts. Our
solving your problems.” Let go of the illusions that hold you back, and
experienced facilitators will help you discover your passions,
equip yourself with skills, tools and tricks to harness your bravery in
connect with community issues, and prepare to take action. Leave
awkward, challenging and exciting situations.
with a mastery of the Gold Award process from A to Z!
Session 2 (12:15-1:30 p.m.) Inside Out
Session 3 (2-3:15 p.m.) Career Roundtable
When worry is turning you inside out, the word “overwhelmed” defines
Start figuring out your future as you sit down with members of Rotary
your life, and you can’t keep track of what day it is … here’s how you
Club 33’s Girl Scout Committee — leading professionals in a variety of
turn yourself right-side-in, minimize stress, and remember it’s
fields. Hear their stories of creating successful and fulfilling careers. Ask
Saturday. Practice ways to take the pressure off in the moment so you
questions, take notes and get inspired to take the first steps toward your
can actually find your bucket, refill it and carry it — and you — through
own career.
the day.
Share Your Bucket
Session 3 (2-3:15 p.m.) Adventure is Out There
What is happiness? And where does it come from? In this creative
Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is help others.
session, learn how to find gratitude, happiness and contentment.
Maybe they’re out there in the world, or maybe they’re already in you!
Session 1 (9:45-11 a.m.) To Infinity and Beyond
A good leader facilitates teamwork. So how would you inspire Toy
Story’s Slinky Dog and Mrs. Potato Head to save the day if Woody and
Buzz never showed up? Pick up the leadership techniques you need
to give others a boost toward their goals and dreams.


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