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January 17, 2016
Dear Hiring Manager,
With nearly a decade of expertise in the design and implementation of diversity and inclusion programs,
including 5 years in a professional capacity as the Manager of Multicultural Programs for Boston University, I
am confident that I can bring tangible value to the [JOB TITLE] position with [COMPANY NAME].
My work over the past 5 years has focused on building out a structured, student-centric diversity and inclusion
platform that serves over 3000 undergraduate students across the Boston University community. When I came
into this newly-formed role in 2010, we had little more than a broad, ambiguous scope. With very limited
resources, I was able to define and and translate specific goals using a design methodology, into what has
become a robust and rapidly evolving program supporting the needs of multicultural and underrepresented
populations throughout the university. This includes a number of education, training, and cultural events and
platforms that continue to bring together students, faculty, administrators, businesses, and alumni under a
unified mission of moving the university forward as an innovator in the field of diversity and inclusion.
During my tenure as Manager of Multicultural Programs, I designed and introduced new leadership processes
for 16 different campus communities and groups, created relationships with alumni and organizations to
encourage job opportunities, and provided coaching and development to a group of 60 diverse scholars, all
with an emphasis of strengthening the dialog around diversity best practices. Additionally, I continue to serve
as co-chair of the college diversity council to organization and promote key events within the community, and
work closely with our Chief Diversity Officer to create cohesion among the different campus offices and bring
awareness to our programs.
My educational background includes a master’s degree in management and global entrepreneurship,
complimented by undergraduate studies in business management – both from Boston University. In evaluating
the requirements of the position, I’m confident that I can bring to the table:
•! Demonstrated success developing and initiating innovative diversity and inclusion programs within the
educational and business environments.
•! Strong team and project leadership skills, paired with the ability to create synergy around around a vision
or mission.
•! Proven ability to facilitate critical dialog championing new resources and support programs for
multicultural populations.
I welcome the opportunity to discuss my qualifications and the requirements of the role in more depth, and I
look forward to your response. Thank you in advance for your consideration.
Dana Leavy-Detrick


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