International Student Resume Examples


Resume Examples
The following samples are provided to you by Experiential Education & Career Services and are examples of real
JWU student resumes. Reviewed by faculty and endorsed by employers, they are meant to familiarize you with the
many different resume formats and styles.
Our goal is to get you started and provide ideas on how to strengthen your resume. While we know the best ideas
are usually imitated, it’s important that you make your resume your own. The key to getting an interview is to target
your resume every time you apply for a job. You must get the employers attention within 10-20 seconds by outlining
what YOU can DO for THEM.
Review the section on Applicant Tracking System (ATS) found in the Undergraduate Resume Guidebook at: > jobs & internships > build your resume, to ensure your resume follows ATS rules for posting
your resume to online job sites.
No matter what your major, be sure to scan through all of the examples as you’re sure to find ideas in each of them to
use in your own, unique resume.


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