Sample Project Proposal For New Product Development To Commercialization


Sample Project Proposal for New Product
Development to Commercialization
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MTN Consulting Associates is able to provide a full range of services to support the
development and launch of the proposed product. In order to ensure a successful product
introduction, a range of activity is recommended, including Market Research, Business
Plan, Product Development, and Product Launch. For each area, an estimated time
requirement is provided, as well as key activities and/or questions that need to be
Project Outline
A. Market Research
Having defined the concept, a survey of the potential market must be taken before
developing the product. Market research will help refine the concept, quantify the market
potential, and identify important sellable features for the product. Questions to be
answered are:
Are products of similar concept currently on the market?
Who is supplying similar products?
How and to whom are products being promoted, distributed, sold, and used?
What is the potential size of the market?
What is the expected market share for a new product?
Who is the target customer?
What will be the expectation of the customer in terms of efficacy, ease of use,
mode of use, benefits?
What is the expected price range?
B. Business Plan Development
Based on the market information, a business case will be developed. Key components of
the plan will be:
Determination of startup costs, and product costs, selling price.
Defined and targeted market segments with volume expectations.
A number of scenarios considering various sales volumes and revenues.
Growth projections.
Competitive advantage and anticipated competition.
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