Rubric For Evaluating North Carolina Teachers (Required)

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rubric for evaluating north carolina teachers (required)
This form should be used for the teacher self-assessment, classroom observation, and the summary evaluation.
Name: ____________________________________________Date: ___________________________________
School: ____________________________________________District: _________________________________
Evaluator: _________________________________________Title: ___________________________________
Start Time: _________________________________________End Time: _______________________________
standard i: teachers demonstrate leadership
a. teachers lead in their classrooms. Teachers demonstrate leadership by taking responsibility for the progress of all students to
ensure that they graduate from high school, are globally competitive for work and postsecondary education, and are prepared for life in
the 21st century. Teachers communicate this vision to their students. Using a variety of data sources, they organize, plan, and set goals
that meet the needs of the individual student and the class. Teachers use various types of assessment data during the school year to
evaluate student progress and to make adjustments to the teaching and learning process. They establish a safe, orderly environment,
and create a culture that empowers students to collaborate and become lifelong learners.
not Demonstrated
. . . and
. . . and
. . . and
Understands how
Takes responsibility
Communicates to
Encourages students
they contribute to
for the progress of
students the vision
to take responsibility
students graduating
students to ensure
of being prepared
for their own learning.
from high school.
that they graduate
for life in the 21st
from high school.
Uses data to
Provides evidence
Evaluates student
Uses classroom
understand the
of data driven
progress using
assessment data
skills and abilities of
a variety of
to inform program
throughout all
assessment data.
classroom activities.
Establishes a
Creates a classroom
Empowers and
safe and orderly
culture that
encourages students
empowers students
to create and maintain
to collaborate.
a safe and supportive
school and community
b. teachers demonstrate leadership in the school. Teachers work collaboratively with school personnel to create a professional
learning community. They analyze and use local, state, and national data to develop goals and strategies in the school improvement
plan that enhances student learning and teacher working conditions. Teachers provide input in determining the school budget and in
the selection of professional development that meets the needs of students and their own professional growth. They participate in the
hiring process and collaborate with their colleagues to mentor and support teachers to improve the effectiveness of their departments
or grade levels.
. . . and
. . . and
. . . and
Attends professional
Participates in
Assumes a
Collaborates with
learning community
professional learning
leadership role in
colleagues to improve
professional learning
the quality of learning
in the school.
Displays awareness
Participates in
Collaborates with
Assumes a leadership
of the goals of the
developing and/or
school personnel on
role in implementing
school improvement
implementing the
school improvement
school improvement
school improvement
plan throughout the
Approved as of August 2008


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