Sample Invitation Letter For Visa Template


Sample Invitation Letter
****Please print on company stationary****
Consulate General of (Traveler’s destination Country)
Consular Section
Dear Visa Officer:
We would like to formally invite (Name of Traveler), (Title), (Traveler’s Company Name) to
visit our company in (City, Country). While visiting our company (Name of Traveler) will be
conducting (Brief description of the purpose of trip i.e. “business meetings"). (Name of
Traveler) will be arriving on (Date of Entry) and departing on (Date of Departure),
(Name of Traveler) will be meeting with:
(Contact Name)
(Contact Address 1)
(Contact Address 2)
(Contact Telephone)
(Name of Traveler) will be in possession of a round trip airline ticket. (Name of Inviter
Company) hereby guarantees all travel and other support expenses of (Name of Traveler)
during their trip. (Name of Inviter Company) respectfully requests (Name of Traveler) be
granted a (state the type of visa and the validity of the visa you are requesting. For example:
1 year multiple entry business visa.)
Thank You,
(Name) (Include Signature)


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