Jump Start Interest Free Loan Business Application Form


Jump Start Interest Free Loan Business Application Form
If for any reason you have difficulty in completing the application form, please contact your Relationship Officer
directly on (03) 8517 5607 or (03) 8517 5922.
 Interview with a Relationship Officer to discuss financial needs
 Guarantors to be contacted by a Relationship Officer to ensure they are aware of guarantor requirements
 Loan submission to be forwarded to Team Leader, Financial Services for support with all supporting
 Loan submission presented to the Loan Allocation Committee (LAC)
 After the LAC decision, you will be advised within 2 business days if the loan has been approved, declined
or if more information is required
 If approved, you will need to attend a post-approval interview with the Relationship Officer to sign the
legal agreement
 Settlement to occur by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or cheque approximately 2 days after legal
agreement has been signed
Personal Details
Borrower 1 (Name): ___________________________________________________
Former Names / Also Known As: ___________________________________________________
Borrower 2 (Name): ___________________________________________________
Former Names / Also Known As: ___________________________________________________
 Identification Photo ID showing Name, Date of Birth and Current Address
Borrower 1
Address: ______________________________________________P/C: __________
Length of time at current address: ___________________________________________________
Previous address (if less than 3 years at current address):
_____________________________________________________ P/C: __________
Jump Start Interest Free Loan Application Form


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