Paper Leprechaun Hat Template


Paper Leprechaun Hat
pdf pattern download
your choice of green papers – 1 shade
craft knife
paper scoring tool
3” punch
glue gun
plain black plastic headband
embellishments for the hat – ribbon, buttons, etc.
Print out the pdf pages, and use the pattern to cut
the hat pieces out of your green paper. After
cutting out the rectangular hat sides, score the
“teeth” and fold them to the inside. Next, cut out
the oval hat brim and roll up the long sides using
a pencil. Fold the hat brim “teeth” up, and dry t
the hat sides before adding glue to secure. Use a
3” punch to cut out the circle top of the hat and
a x with glue. Add a wide black ribbon hat band,
a square of gold paper “buckle”, and any other
decorative touches. Adhere the paper hat to the
black headband with hot glue.


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