Blackboard Cheat Sheet


Blackboard Learn
Communication tools (you may opt to ‘add’ any
of the following tools to your Course Menu):
The instructor can use this tool to provide a
visual of the events and due dates for the
Quick-Start for Faculty
course (create an entry by clicking on a date):
Get your course up and running
Announcements from the instructor to the
online in an hour!
class (use Create Announcement button):
Tunxis Community College - 2015
Logging on to Blackboard (three ways):
Add a Blackboard tool to your course (click the ‘+’
1) Tunxis website ( )
button to add tools mentioned above or others):
a. Select the
Course Messages
b. Log on with your NetID and password—
A tool for enrolled members in the course to
communicate with each other. You must log
c. Click on the
link (or
on to Blackboard to send and receive course
messages (use Create Message button).
Afterwards, drag the
icon associated with
the item up or down (or use the ‘Keyboard
Accessible Reordering’ button  ) to change
the location of the item on the Course Menu.
This tool allows enrolled members in the
Edit an item on a page (click on its ‘item options’):
course to communicate with each other
2) myCommNet ( )
using email. However, email messages
a. Log on with your NetID and password.
to students will be sent to their Office 365
b. Click on the
link (or
email addresses. Email messages to the
instructor will be sent to their ‘preferred
email address’. (Use appropriate link.)
Logout of Blackboard and myCommNet:
Tunxis Community College | MIT Department | August 2015


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