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A reduction of 5% as per requirement of Dept, for those SAOs who merit an
allowance or part thereof.
(4) What would be the estimated total savings derived from the modification?
Not calculated.
(5) Other Pertinent Issues (e.g. why duties cannot form part of grade/post; impacts/risks
if duties/responsibilities not undertaken)
By definition not all SAOs can be supervisory, as there have been other SAO grade
equivalents established. If SAO in a supervisory capacity ceased their work, then
this would leave a huge burden of work on a VIIC which would interfere with the
delivery of service for the DAFM.
In the case of the MSO and poultry grades, the same situation pertains.
If MSO staff were to cease their work where it is needed, then there could be
exposure to financial penalties or fraud for DAFM.
Poultry SAOs save money for DAFM for that part of time they are delivering post-
mortem service, as well as assuming a level of responsibility for delivery of an
important inspection task for the DAFM.


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