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30) The door in the master bathroom is priced as a 6 – panel steel door. If a 9 – lite or 15 –
lite door is the door that you would rather have; mini blinds can be ordered between the
31) The front door is priced as a 9’ 0” hinged 15 – lite patio door with transoms. The door
can be active on the end as shown or in the center.
32) The 2 single service doors are priced as 9 – lite door.
33) The double door in the rear of the garage is priced as a 6’ 0” True French 6 – panel
34) The garage doors are priced as paneled 9’ x 7’ insulated garage doors with steel on each
side. The openers are cable driven for quieter operation and will have a keyless pad on
the exterior jamb.
35) The windows will be Andersen windows. The windows are priced with white exteriors,
white pre-finished interior trim, full insect screens, high performance Lo-e glass, classic
white hardware, and white grids between the glass.
36) The windows in the office and master bedroom on the front of the house will be bay
37) The windows on the front porch will have transoms.
38) The windows in the dormers will be standard double hung windows; there will not be
arch top windows in the dormers.
39) There will be a 24” x 24” octagon window at the base of the stairway.
40) The window above the kitchen sink is priced as a twin casement window; as it is easier
to pen a casement window above a kitchen sink.
41) The basement will be unfinished at this time. However the walkout wall and walls
around the stairway will be finished.
42) The walkout wall and all load bearing walls in the basement will be 2 x 6 instead of 2 x 4
to meet codes for 2 – story homes.
43) There will be a full bath roughed in the basement.
44) The basement walls are 8 feet tall, the main floor walls are 9 feet tall, and the 2
walls are 8 feet tall.
45) The subfloor will be ¾” T & G Weyhauser Gold OSB. This OSB board will not swell
and separate if it gets wet. The subfloor will be glued and screwed.
46) The floor joists will be 11 – 7/8” TJI joists.
47) The great room and the front porch will be vaulted as shown.
48) The front walls of bedroom # 2 & # 3 will be clipped because of the slope of the roof.
49) The basement stairway will have 2 x 12 treads and 1 x 8 risers. No flooring will be
installed on this stairway.
50) There will be 2 – 50 gallon electric water heaters installed.
51) There will be a water softener.
52) There are 4 hose bibs priced in.
53) No ejector pump is priced in the basement for the basement septic. If an ejector pump is
needed in the basement, it will be an additional $565.00.
54) There will be a radon pipe installed that will go from under the basement slab through
the roof.
55) The master bathroom will have a 72” x 36” garden tub.
56) The master shower is priced with cultured marble shower pan and cultured marble walls.
I have also included the price for ceramic tile on the walls on a separate sheet.
57) There will be a double bowl vanity in the master bathroom.
58) There will be a vanity in the half bathroom.
59) The 2
floor bathroom will have a 60” x 32” tub / shower unit and a double bowl vanity.
60) There will be a drop – in laundry tub in the laundry.
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