Parent Survey - Special Education


Parent Survey — Special Education
This is a survey for parents of students receiving special education services. Your responses will help guide efforts to improve
services and results for children and families. For each statement below, please select one of the following response choices:
very strongly agree, strongly agree, agree, disagree, strongly disagree, very strongly disagree. In responding to each
statement, think about your experience and your child’s experience with special education over the past year. You may skip
any item that you feel does not apply to you or your child.
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Use pencil only.
Fill in circle completely.
Schools’ Efforts to Partner with Parents
1. I am considered an equal partner with teachers and other professionals in
planning my child’s program.
2. I was offered special assistance (such as child care) so that I could participate
in the Individualized Educational Program (IEP) meeting.
3. At the IEP meeting, we discussed how my child would participate in statewide
4. At the IEP meeting, we discussed accommodations and modifi cations that my
child would need.
5. All of my concerns and recommendations were documented on the IEP.
6. Written justifi cation was given for the extent that my child would not receive
services in the regular classroom.
7. I was given information about organizations that offer support for parents of
students with disabilities.
8. I have been asked for my opinion about how well special education services
are meeting my child’s needs.
9. My child’s evaluation report is written in terms I understand.
10. Written information I receive is written in an understandable way.
11. Teachers are available to speak with me.
12. Teachers treat me as a team member.
Teachers and administrators...
13. - seek out parent input.
14. - show sensitivity to the needs of students with disabilities and their families.
15. - encourage me to participate in the decision-making process.
16. - respect my cultural heritage.
17. - ensure that I have fully understood the Procedural Safeguards (the rules in
federal law that protect the rights of parents).
The school...
18. - has a person on staff who is available to answer parents’ questions.
19. - communicates regularly with me regarding my child’s progress on IEP goals.
20. - gives me choices with regard to services that address my child’s needs.
21. - offers parents training about special education issues.
22. - offers parents a variety of ways to communicate with teachers.
23. - gives parents the help they may need to play an active role in their child’s
24. - provides information on agencies that can assist my child in the transition
from school.
25. - explains what options parents have if they disagree with a decision of the
Thank you for your participation.
For more information about this survey,
Version 2.0
please visit:
National Center for Special Education
If you don’t have web access or require help with this survey, please call
Accountability Monitoring
Consultline at (800) 879-2301.


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