Why Are Some Times Special - Christmas Lesson Plan Template


KS1 Unit 2, Lesson 5 - Why are some times special? Christmas
Children will be introduced to the Christmas story found in the Bible.
Overview: These two lessons look at the Christian festival of Christmas and reflect on why it is important
to Christians - a celebration of Jesus coming as "God with us".
Essential core:
Recall Bible stories associated with the birth of Jesus. Including (a) the meaning of his names
Immanuel (God is with us) and Jesus (he saves), (b), the angel Gabriel’s message to Mary – that her
baby is God’s son, (c) his humble birth, (d) visited by shepherds -ordinary people – and the Magi.
Identify these stories with the religion of Christianity, who are collectively called Christians and know
that these stories are from the Bible.
Recognise the order of the key events in the Biblical narrative.
.uk/festivals/christmas/the-story-of- christmas
Brain storm all the words pupils can think of associated with Christmas. Sort words into those to do with
the birth of Jesus and those not.
Explain we are going to watch a video of the first Christmas based on events written in the Bible. These
events can be found in the New Testament part of the Bible. Can you listen carefully to what the angels
say Jesus name means? Watch the Christmas story on .uk/festivals/christmas/the-story-of-
How did Mary feel when the angel Gabriel visited her?
Why did the angel said don’t be afraid?
What the angel said Mary’s son would be called? Jesus What does that mean? (Saves from all they have
done wrong).
What do you think it would be like being born in a stable?
How did the shepherds feel when all the angels appeared in the sky?
How did the shepherds feel when the angels visited them?
Explain there were no street lights in those days, no electricity so it would be very bright.
How did the Wise Men know where to go?
How do you think they felt going into a smelly stable with their very expensive gifts?
Chn to draw the characters angel Gabriel, Mary Joseph and Jesus, shepherds and wise men
Ext to write speech bubbles for each character.
To share some work under aver viewer .
Do the pupils know what the words Jesus and Immanuel mean?
Can the pupils say what the words Jesus and Immanuel mean?


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