Your 7 Day Study Plan


Creating a 7 Day Study Plan
Use the space below to divide up your work into sections to study. On the following page, use the
priorities weekly schedule to find specific times when you will be able to study each of those topics
(and label which ones so you’re prepared when the time comes) listed below.
a. What grade do you need to get on this test? What grade do you want to get?
b. What does the test cover?
c. How caught up in the course are you (1 being not at all, 10 being completely)?
d. What study materials do you have?
e. What are you missing?
Example Study Techniques. (Mix and
___ Day 2: Topics to Cover: ___________________________
Recommended: G,A,B, C, D, E,F,K
A. Create an outline
B. Re-read lecture slides, elaborate and add
___ Day 3: Topics to Cover: ___________________________
notes. (Which lectures?)
Recommended: B, C, D, E, G, H,I,K
C. Review class notes, rewrite key points
D. Compare/go over notes with a friend/study
___ Day 4: Topics to Cover: ___________________________
group, find out what you missed
Recommended: D,I,J,K
E. Re-Read Chapter with SQ3R (Which
___ Day 5: Topics to Cover: ___________________________
F. Read Chapter Summary and Key terms
Recommended: G,I,J
G. Do practice test(s), in a test-like setting
H. Fill out/answer study guide, from memory
___ Day 6: Topics to Cover: ___________________________
first, then with notes/book
Recommended: G,I,J
Compare lecture notes with notes taken
from the text (and/or other outside
___ Day 7: General Review and Weak Areas
resources) to see what points are
a. Use the day before the test to review.
emphasized in both sets of materials, and
b. At this point no new information should need to be
also the information that is not stated in
learned, focus on difficult or weak areas, or those areas
one but the other.
you are not completely comfortable with.
Visit office hours with questions
c. Get good rest
K. Other: __________________________
Test Day:
a. Normal daily routine
b. Eat a light meal
c. Don’t over use/under use caffeine (do what you would do during as if you didn’t have a test that day).
d. Minimal review of material (we tend to remember the mainly the last things we read so too much review
could make you forget some of the material and only be focused on a specific topic/idea).
Academic Success Center, Oregon State University, 2011


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