Sample Letter Of Application For Scholarship


Sample Letter of Application for Scholarship
This is a suggested format for a “letter of application”. Please revise as needed for your own purposes.
Your address
City, State, Zip code
Dear Scholarship Committee (or use name of the person you are addressing)
First paragraph – identify what you are applying for
I am applying for (name of scholarship) because (your reason for applying).
Second paragraph (or combine with first paragraph) – explain your goals
I want to pursue a degree in (career) because (describe your interests and goals).
Third paragraph – talk about yourself, including what the scholarship committee wants to know about you
Tell about your important life experiences, your activities in school, your community or church, and what you have
learned from these experiences. Emphasize any responsibilities you have had or awards you received. Answer any
questions the scholarship committee wants to know about you.
Fourth paragraph – summarize how you have met their requirements
I have met all the qualifications and have included (list items, if any, you are attaching to back up what you have
referred to in your application). Add any other information they have requested, such as names of references and
contact information.
Your name
Contact Information


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