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Apologize for missing the scheduled interview and not being considerate of an employer’s
valuable time. Include the location, date, and time of the missed interview. Be sure to accept
full responsibility for the missed interview and avoid blaming any other factors or individuals.
You may also decide to include a short explanation for missing the interview. You will earn
respect from the interviewer by openly acknowledging your mistakes and moving forward.
Second Paragraph:
If you no longer seek employment opportunities with this organization you can conclude by
simply thanking them for their time and consideration. You may include the reason for not
pursuing additional employment (moving, another position, etc.) but it is not necessary.
If you do hope to still interview with the employer, indicate your genuine desire to reschedule the
missed interview. Include a copy of your resume with the apology letter. Close the letter by
thanking the interviewer for their time and consideration.
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