Binary Ionic Compounds With Multivalent Metals Worksheet


Binary Ionic Compounds with Multivalent Metals
Some metals can form more than one type of ion.
Such metals are called multivalent metals.
For example, copper can form ions with a 1+ or 2+ charge, as shown on your
periodic chart of ions.
Question: Name some other multivalent metals besides copper.
Question: Where on the periodic table do you find these multivalent
metals? ________________________________________________
To distinguish between the ions, a Roman numeral is
written after the name of the metal.
For example, Cu+ is written as copper (I), pronounced
“copper one.”
is written as copper (II), pronounced “copper two.”
Chemical Formulas and Names of Ionic Compounds Containing
Multivalent Metals
To write the chemical formula of a multivalent metal, follow the
same process as for the binary ionic compounds you have been
naming so far.
The only difference is that you cannot tell the charge on the metal
ion by looking at the periodic table because there will be more
than one choice. Instead, look at the Roman numeral in the name,
which will tell you the charge.
Question: What are the Roman numerals for 8, 9 and 10? _________________


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