Converting From Propane To Natural Gas


Converting from Propane to Natural Gas
Step 1
With a Philips head screwdriver, remove side screw from air
shutter assembly and using two wrenches, remove
orifice/shutter from flex line as shown.
Orifice Sizing Chart
Burner Natural Gas
Propane (20lb) Propane (whole house)
Step 2
Unscrew orifice from air shutter and replace
with the supplied orifice (refer to chart for
proper orifice for your burner) for natural
gas. Make sure air shutter is CLOSED so that
the screen is not showing before tightening
side screw.
Use two wrenches to securely tighten orifice
to flex line.
Step 3
Ensure gas valve on the fire pit table is in the
OFF position before this step.
On the back side of the control panel,
replace incoming propane hose with included
incoming natural gas line and securely tighten.
Ensure that all connections are fully
tightened and checked for leaks before
operating this fire pit.
42433- REV B- 10-4-13


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