13 Colonies Test Sample Test Template


13 Colonies Test
Directions: Answer whether the statements below belong with the New England Colonies
(NE), Middle Colonies (MC), or Southern Colonies (SC). (2 points a piece)
1) Home to the Puritans _________________________________________
2) Included Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Delaware ________________
3) Least tolerant of other cultures and religions _____________________
4) Used slave labor the most ____________________
5) Large, cash crop growing plantations _______________
6) Used the least amount of slaves ___________________
7) Included Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire ________________
8) Included Georgia, Maryland, S. Carolina, N. Carolina, and Virginia _____________
9) Traded furs with the Natives ______________
10) Most tolerant of other religions ____________________.
11) Restricted the rights of women in the Patriarchy system ___________________.
12) Used indentured servants more than life-long slaves ___________________________
Multiple Choice: Select the correct answer (2 points a piece)
13) New York began as a colony of the:
A. Dutch
C. French
B. English
D. Spanish
14) Which group of New England settlers wanted a clear break from the Church of England?
A. Puritans
C. Protestants
B. Lutherans
D. Pilgrims
15) The first group of settlers came to the New England colonies in Plymouth aboard the:
A. Nina
C. Santa Maria
B. Pinta
D. Mayflower
16) Who founded the colony of Rhode Island?
A. John Smith
C. Roger Williams
B. John Rolfe
D. George Oglethorpe
17) What document was signed in Maryland in 1649 calling for religious freedom for all
Christians (Catholics and Protestants)?
A. Magna Carta
C. Mayflower Compact
B. Toleration Act
D. Slave Codes
18) Which colony was started as a prison colony where citizens could reform?
A. Georgia
C. Maine
B. Virginia
D. New York
19) Which statement completes the box above?
A. Obedience to the King
C. Respect for warfare
B. Religious tolerance
D. Belief in reincarnation


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