Sample Successor Trustee Letter Template


This sample may be used to assist you in drafting a notice of changes to your charitable
remainder trust.
Renaissance recommends you consult your trust attorney prior to completion of this
notice. Your attorney should verify who is authorized and the proper procedure to make
changes to the charitable remainder trust. Your trust document and/or applicable state
laws may require specific language and/or procedures to make a change.
It is also recommended you have this document notarized.
Sample Successor Trustee Letter
Month, Day, Year
Re: Trust Long Name (bold and italicized)
Dear Mr./Ms. Trustee:
Please be advised I have appointed _______________________________________ to be
Successor Trustee for the above-mentioned trust as pursuant to Article XX of the trust
Trustee Signature
Please be advised I have accepted the role of Successor Trustee for the above-mentioned trust
as of __________________(date).
Successor Trustee Signature
Include Address, Phone & Email
Notarized By:
Name & Commission Expiration
Serial Number


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