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website and brochure development and professional presentations. Please indicate
what methods of communication you plan to generate.
Provide any supporting documentation that you believe is pertinent to the research you
propose to conduct in the park (i.e. any additional funding commitments or university
commitments that might be a part of your fellowship). Any special needs should be stated
here and note the following special concerns:
a. A majority of the park is recommended wilderness and by National Park Service
policy is managed as congressionally authorized or designated wilderness. Some
activities and methods may be limited in the backcountry due to this classification
(i.e. no motorized vehicles or equipment, etc.).
b. Archeological research that involves testing or excavation will require an
Archeological Resources Protection Act permit that may necessitate additional
research design; allow a minimum of 3 months for processing.
c. Any disturbance of soils may require archeological clearance in advance and should
be noted.
d. Use of vertebrate species in your research will require review by your Institutional
Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) according to the Animal Welfare Act.
The National Park Service cannot provide this review


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