Example Risk Assessment For A Convenience Store/newsagent


Health and Safety
Example risk assessment for a
convenience store/newsagent
Setting the scene
She did this by:
How to use this example
The shop manager carried out the risk assessment in
walking around the shop, the stockroom, and all other
This example risk assessment shows a wide range of
areas, noting what might cause harm
the convenience store, which is located on a busy
hazards that might be present in this type of small
high street and has a weekly turnover of about
talking to staff to learn from their knowledge and
business. It can be used as a guide to help you think
experience, and listening to their concerns and
£15,000. It sells newspapers and magazines (but
through some of the hazards in your business and the
does not do deliveries), alcohol, tobacco, greetings
opinions about health and safety issues
steps you need to take to control the risks.
looking at the accident book to learn what had
cards, household essentials and tinned, frozen and
other pre-packed foods. Twelve staff are employed,
previously resulted in accidents or near misses.
However, this is not a generic risk assessment. Every
business is different. To satisfy the law you must
most of them part-time, working a variety of morning,
identify and assess the hazards your business poses,
afternoon and evening shifts. One member of staff is
As she identified the hazards she also thought about who
think through the controls required to provide effective
four months pregnant.
could be harmed by them and how accidents might
protection to people who may be affected by them, and
record the significant findings from your risk
At the rear of the shop there is a staff toilet and
assessment of your business.
bathroom, staff rest room where drinks etc can be
She noted what she was already doing to control the risks
made, and a stockroom. The store is open from 7.00
in the convenience store and considered whether she
needed to do anything more. She then recorded any
The manager decided to review the risk assessment
am to 10.00 pm, seven days a week.
further actions required.
whenever there were any significant changes such as new
work activities or staff.
How was the risk assessment done?
The shop manager first looked at relevant guidance on
Once the risk assessment was complete, she went over
the HSE website, including:
the findings with the pregnant employee, to see if there
were any particular risks to her that needed to be
The health and safety toolbox: How to control risks at
removed or controlled.
work ( )
Managing violence in licensed and retail premises
Putting the risk assessment into practice, the manager set
(see )
out what actions needed to be taken, who would do them
New and expectant mothers (see
and when by. She displayed the risk assessment in the
staffroom and discussed the findings with staff.
She then identified the hazards in the convenience store.
Example risk assessment: a convenience store/newsagent
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