Sample Letter Of Corporate Sponsorship Template


Applicant Name and Optional Waiver
NAME OF APPLICANT: Last ____________________________First_____________________Middle ______________
To Applicant: Read the following statement and, if you choose, sign where indicated. "I understand that the completed
recommendation will be used only for admission, and I hereby waive my right to access it."
APPLICANT SIGNATURE_________________________________________DATE_________________
Recommender Instructions:
Thank you for providing a letter of corporate sponsorship on behalf of the above-named candidate. The admissions
procedure of the Executive MBA Program requires that a letter of organizational support be submitted directly to the
program by the endorsing official of the applicant. If the applicant has signed the above waiver, the evaluation is
confidential; otherwise, the applicant may have access to it once enrolled in the program.
Please use your own stationery and return both a formal letter of recommendation and the completed and signed
Sponsorship Statement to the EMBA office via email, fax or mail. Your prompt attention is appreciated.
The admissions committee would appreciate your true evaluation of the applicant's qualifications for the Executive MBA
Program. We would especially appreciate your remarks on the following:
1) Your relationship to the applicant and how long you have known him or her.
2) Your perception of the applicant's history and experience as a manager and potential to advance to higher positions
of responsibility and authority.
3) Reasons why the applicant is being nominated by you to the program.
4) What benefits the applicant is expected to derive from the EMBA program.
Executive MBA Letter of Corporate Sponsorship – 2016 Cohort
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