Character Reference Form For Applicants For The Permanent Diaconate Page 8


Diocese of Achonry
Permanent Diaconate Character Reference Form
7. Personal Relationships
Personal relationships are involved in all aspects of diaconal ministry. Maturity
in this area is very important. If you know of any problems in the applicant's
personality or difficulties in his personal or family relationships, it would be
helpful if you mention them. You might also wish to comment on how others,
including family, have responded to his application.
8. Training
Those training for the permanent diaconate must be open to personal, spiritual,
pastoral and academic formation. They need to be adaptable, flexible and open
to continuing formation throughout life. The course involves academic work and
spiritual formation.
9. Questions
If you feel unable to comment on particular aspects of the questionnaire,
possibly because you are unfamiliar with the Catholic Church or the permanent
diaconate, please indicate this if you wish. Also, if you require clarification or
further information regarding any of the questions, or wish to discuss your
reference in confidence, please contact the Diocesan Director of the permanent
Rev. Dr. Tomas Surlis
St Nathy’s College
Co. Roscommon
Telephone 094-986 0010


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