Visa Reference Form (China) - Embassy Of India, Paris


Visa Reference Form (China)
(To be filled in by Chinese nationals and foreigners of Chinese origin)
Please fill up all details/particulars in BLOCK LETTERS
Name of the applicant:
Name of applicant’s
Date & place of birth:
Passport No.:
Date & place of Issue:
Permanent address:
Purpose of visit:
Duration of stay:
Details of previous visits to
India, visa details etc.
Signature of applicant
For Office Use only
To: Embassy of India, Beijing
From: Second Secretary(Consular), Embassy of India, Paris
Our reference (receipt no.): FRAP__________
The above-mentioned ________________ national has applied to this Mission
for single/ double/multiple entry(ies) Tourist/Business/_________ (specify the type of
visa applied) to visit India.
Request fax/e-mail clearance of your Mission/Post. Cost recovered. Grateful
send us your reply at an early date.
For Second Secretary (Consular)
For office use by the Mission/Post to which case is referred to


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