Credit Score Pie Chart Template


Credit Score Pie Chart
Chart is from SEFCU program—Surviving the New Economy (11/11/2009)
35% for paying
on time.
10% is based on
the type of credit
you have.***
30% based on
utilization ratio.*
15% based on
the length of
time you have
your mortgage,
10% based on
credit card or
how many in-
installment pay-
quiries are made
about your
*Utilization ratio is used in the calculation of credit scores. It compares the amount of credit being used to the
total credit available to the borrower. Having a low ratio—in other words, not much debt but a lot of available
credit is good for your credit score.
**A credit inquiry is created when a lender pulls someone’s credit record. It creates a record in a credit report of
each time the borrower, a lender or a potential lender obtains a copy of the consumer’s credit report. Credit In-
quires, especially multiple inquires, may negatively impact credit scores.
***You have a better credit score if your credit history is well rounded with different types of credit. It is better
for your credit score to have installment payments vs. revolving credit payments.


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