Form 2400-005 - Timber Sales Contract Template


State of Wisconsin
Department of Natural Resources
Chapter 28, Wis. Stats.
Form 2400-005 (R 8-14)
Name of Property:
Contract No. ______
THIS CONTRACT IS ENTERED INTO by and between__________________________________ (Seller) and
__________________________________________________________________ (Purchaser) for the purpose of
selling timber of the Seller. The Seller sells and the Purchaser agrees to purchase, cut and remove ONLY those
trees (timber) specifically described in this Contract or marked by the Seller for cutting on the "sale area" which is
identified or described in maps or diagrams attached to and made part of this Contract.
THE PROVISIONS OF THIS CONTRACT and all authority for use of the Seller's property for the cutting of
timber (which includes felling, bucking, skidding, loading or hauling) are mutually agreed upon by the Seller and
Purchaser and subject to the following terms and conditions:
Commencement. Cutting and removal of timber in conformance with this Contract may commence and
continue only after the signing of this Contract by both parties and only after submission and maintenance
of all bonds, certificates or statements required under it.
b. Contract Oversight. Cutting and removal of timber purchased under this Contract shall be conducted in
conformance with this Contract and in a good and workmanlike manner with reasonable diligence to assure
completion of all performance within the Contract period specified in par. 2.
All work under this Contract shall be completed to the satisfaction of the Seller between the signing of the
Contract by both Parties and ___________(END DATE)_ , FOR TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE. Contract
amendments or extensions may not be relied upon by the Purchaser for the purpose of completing
performance under this Contract.
b. The Seller may temporarily suspend operations under this Contract due to excessive property damage, wet
conditions or for any other reason upon notice to the Purchaser or other persons operating on the sale area
under this Contract with subsequent equitable adjustment of this Contract deemed reasonable by the Seller.
The Seller may temporarily suspend operations, including hauling, under this Contract following a contract
breech by the Purchaser for failure to make payments as scheduled on any other similar timber sale contract
entered into by the Purchaser with the State of Wisconsin, until such time as the outstanding overdue
amounts and interest due are paid in full.
3. CONTRACT EXTENSIONS. If extensions of this Contract are deemed reasonable by the Seller, the stumpage
price agreed upon herein shall be adjusted as follows:
First extension: ______________
b. Second extension: _______________
Additional extensions: _________________
d. Other applicable charges or fees:______________________
4. TERMINATION. The Seller may terminate this Contract by oral or written notice to the Purchaser upon its
breach as determined by the Seller or at other times when deemed necessary by the Seller. The Seller may also
terminate this Contract upon breach of any other similar timber sale contract entered into by the Purchaser with
the State of Wisconsin or with a County Forest in the State, as determined by the Seller. Upon such notice, the
Purchaser shall cease all operations on and immediately leave, and not return to, the Seller's property unless
otherwise provided by the Seller.


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