Peak Flow Meter Instructions Fact Sheet


Peak Flow Meter Fact Sheet
A peak flow meter is intended for the monitoring of peak expiratory flow. It allows
healthcare providers to adjust medication based on the results. It is indicated for
patients 5 years and older with moderate to severe asthma.
• Monitoring of peak expiratory flow rates in patients 5 years and older with
moderate to severe asthma.
Peak Flow Zones
There are three zones (green, yellow, red). Healthcare providers set the zones
based on personal best peak expiratory flow values. The peak flow meter
measures the maximal rate at which you can force air out of your lungs. A peak
flow value of less than 50% of normal or the personal best indicates a severe
asthma exacerbation and the need to take immediate action.
Green Zone: 80-100% of personal best.
Normal peak flow rate. Asthma is well
Yellow Zone: 50-80% of personal best.
Symptoms are getting worse. May require
treatment of quick relief medication. Follow medication plan.
Red Zone: 50% of personal best.
Medical alert. Take quick relief medication
immediately and seek medical attention
Cleaning Instructions
Follow the manufacturer’s directions.
If none are available, some general guidelines include:
• Remove the action plan sticker before cleaning, if possible.
• Wash with warm water and liquid detergent.
• Rinse thoroughly and air dry completely before use.
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