Record Release Form


Please forward this release form to your child’s current school
Records Release Form
Student name:______________________________________________________
(Name of Current School)
(Current School’s Street Address)
(Zip Code)
The above named student is applying for admission to Saint Francis Xavier Preparatory School. An
important part of the application procedure includes a review of the student’s current school record.
Please forward a copy of the student’s entire academic record including current grades, cumulative
grades, standardized test scores, and other pertinent information.
Please do not send official records at this time. Official records will be requested at the time of the
student’s acceptance and enrollment. Send a copy only at this time.
Any other information which you feel may be helpful in our admissions decision (IEP, psychological/
discipline records) are requested as well. We appreciate your time and help in completing this request.
My signature gives consent for release of a copy of my child’s school record to be sent to Saint Francis
Xavier Preparatory School.
(parent/guardian signature)
St. Francis Xavier Preparatory School
33 Cross Street
Hyannis, MA 02601
TEL. 508.771.7200
FAX. 508.771.7233


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