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Transfer Form
n order to transfer your Immigration record from your current U.S. Institution to Drew University, please complete
Section 1 and ask your international student advisor to complete Section 2. Please also include copies of the
following documents:
Data Page from Passport (including the passport expiration date and the student visa stamp)
Previously issued I-20’s
SECTION 1: Student Information
Student Name: _____________________________
Degree Program at Drew:______________________
Start Date (include year): Fall ______________
Spring ________________
Student ID Number _________________________
Date of Birth________________________
Country of Birth____________________________
Country of Citizenship_______________________
Email: ___________________________________
Phone: __________________________________
Do you have dependents? Yes _____________
Do you plan to leave the U.S. before your program start date at Drew? Yes___________ No___________
If yes, what date do you plan to leave the U.S.? ________________________________________________
I authorize the international student advisor to provide the requested information below as a part of my application to
transfer to Drew University.
Student Signature
SECTION 2: Previous School Information (to be completed by the DSO/RO)
The student above intends to transfer to Drew University. The information you provide will help us to complete the
transfer process.
SEVIS ID# _______________________________ Transfer release date in SEVIS _______________________
Current Immigration Status: F-1_____ J-1_______ Name of J-1 Sponsor: ________________________
Dates of enrollment at your institution: _______________________ TO _____________________________
Is the student in status? (Y/N) If No, please explain:_____________________________________________________
Name and title of SEVIS Advisor _______________________________________________________________
Name of Institution _________________________________________________________________________
Signature _______________________________________
Date ___________________________________
Email _______________________________________ Phone ______________________________________
Please complete the above information and email, fax, or mail the completed form to:
International Student and Scholar Services | Drew University
Tilghman House | 36 Madison Ave | Madison, NJ 07940


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