Cover Letter/application By Foreign Corporation For Authorization To Transact Business In Florida

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Attached are the forms and instructions to register a foreign profit corporation to transact business in
Florida. The requirements are as follows:
• Pursuant to section 607.1503(1), Florida Statutes, the attached application must be
completed in its entirety.
• The corporation must submit an original certificate of existence, no more than 90
days old, duly authenticated by the Secretary of State or the proper official having
custody of corporate records in the state or country under the law of which it is
incorporated. A photocopy is not acceptable. If the certificate is in a foreign language, a
translation of the certificate under oath of the translator must be submitted.
• There is a $70.00 registration fee and a letter of acknowledgment will be issued free of
charge upon registration.
• Certification fees are optional. Please submit an additional $8.75 if a certificate of status
is needed. The fee for a certified copy of the application is $8.75 (plus $1 per page for
each page over 8, not to exceed a maximum of $52.50). Please check the appropriate
box on the COVER letter and send one check for the total amount made payable to the
Florida Department of State.
• The COVER letter included in this packet should be completed and submitted
along with the certificate, application and check. Both the mailing address and courier
address are noted in the COVER letter.
• Important Information About the Requirement to File an Annual Report
All Profit Corporations must file an Annual Report yearly to maintain “active”
status. The first report is due in the year following formation. The report must be filed
electronically online between January 1
and May 1
. The fee for the annual report is
$150. After May 1
a $400 late fee is added to the annual report filing fee. “Annual
Report Reminder Notices” are sent to the e-mail address you provide us when you submit
this document for filing. To file any time after January 1
, go to our website at
There is no provision to waive the late fee. Be sure to file before May 1
Any further inquiries concerning this matter should be directed to the New Filing Section by calling
(850) 245-6052 or writing the New Filing Section, Division of Corporations,
P.O. Box 6327, Tallahassee, FL 32314.
CR2E007 (2/11)


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