Procedures For In-Processing Paperwork For New Employees Page 2


(1) Maintain required in-processing procedures and forms on the CNRSE
(2) Schedule pre-employment physical and drug test and provide the results
the specialist/analyst working the specific action. On-boarding Specialist will provide website
for new hires to access/download forms (excluding the SF-61, I-9, and signature in block
17b of OF-306) which shall be completed by the new hire prior to arriving on the EOD, as
listed in
Appendix C.
(3) Forward completed on boarding package to Selecting Official or designated
Command Management Official.
Coordinate virtual in-processing support and provide guidance to the selecting official or
designated management official.
(4) In-process all new hires for serviced activities and validate the
completeness of in-processing documentation.
(5) Ensures DCPDS/MYBIZ forms are provided to the supervisors to align
coordinate alignment with the required new employee hierarchy in DCPDS.
(6) Provides new employees installation check-in sheet prior of EOD.
Contact appropriate command official regarding their local Command Orientation process for new
employees and coordinate scheduling of new employees for the command orientation.
(7) Follow up with employees within 30 days of in processing telcom/via
and provide a Program Survey to measure employee satisfaction as a tool to enhance the program
(8) Follow up with employee within 90 days of in processing/EOD to ensure
the process was effective in it’s intent and provide information and feedback to include:
a. Familiarize employee with career management tools.
b. Personnel Records and Benefits Programs.
c. Guidance, use, and requirements of his/her SF-50.
d. Review and finalize benefits.
e. Create and Individual Development Plan (IDP).
(9) Establish Metrics to determine Program effectiveness/success and on-
going process improvement.
b. The Selecting/Management Official will:
(1) Receive on boarding package from On-boarding Specialist for each new
(2) Provide On-boarding Specialist with any in house forms prior to EOD


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