Procedures For In-Processing Paperwork For New Employees Page 5


NON-NAVY (not utilizing DCPDS) to NAVY: Activities not currently utilizing DCPDS require SF-
75 information and the following forms:
SF 61 - Appointment Affidavit
I-9 - Employment Eligibility Verification
OF 306 - Declaration for Federal Employment
SF 144 - Statement of Prior Federal Service
SF 256 - Statement of Self Handicap
SF 181 - Race & National Origin Info
Retired Military Data
Military Reserve or Guard Status
TSP 19 form to transfer in TSP loan (if applicable)
*** BENEFICIARY FORMS (FERS, FEGLI, & Unpaid Compensation): Are optional on the part of the
Important Notice Concerning TSP and FEHB — In the case of all transfers, if the gaining payroll
office changes upon transfer, an SF 2810, Change in Health Benefits Enrollment, must be completed
to transfer-in FEHB to the new payroll office. The same is true for the TSP-19 to properly capture
TSP contributions (regular and catch up) and TSP loans.
If the payroll office and/or contact information change for the employee upon transfer,
employees should be reminded to contact the respective program administrators if enrolled
in FEDVIP, FSAFEDS and/or Long Term Care Insurance.
Any employee who enters on duty without a break in service of 4 days or more is
handled like a transfer, as explained above, for benefits purposes. For example, an
employee may resign or be terminated from an appointment on a Friday, and on
Monday, come into Navy on a new appointment action.
Main POC: Carmen Kelsick 305-293-2783 DSN 483 email address:
Back –UP POC’s:
Tralana Linder 904-542-5583 DSN 942 email address:
Gregory Dunning 904-542-6222 DSN 942 email address:


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