Procedures For In-Processing Paperwork For New Employees Page 7


Appendix C
New Hire In-Processing Checklist
Employee’s Name: ___________________________________________________
Title/Series/Grade: ___________________________________________________
EOD: ___________________________________________________
Type of Appointment:
_____ Career Conditional
_____ Career
_____ Temporary
_____ Term
_____ Excepted Service
Benefits for Which Appointee Is Eligible: _____ FEHB _____ CSRS (offset) _____ FICA _____ FEGLI ______
CSRS _____ FERS _____ TSP _____ Leave Earning
_____ Selective Service Statement (required for all males born after 12/31/59)
_____ *I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification
_____ *SF-61 Appointment Affidavit
_____ *OF-306 Declaration for Federal Employment (return original signed by employee in
6a & 16b)
_____ *SF-181 Race & National Origin Identification
_____ *SF-256 Self-Identification of Handicap
_____ *W-4 Federal Tax Withholding
_____ State Tax Withholding (if required)
_____ SF-86 Questionnaire for National Security Positions
_____ SF-87 Fingerprint Charts
*All employees must receive these forms. Other forms are based on employee’s appointment.
Cover the following topics and/or show orientation video
Annual, Sick, LWOP
Family Medical Leave
Leave Transfer Program
Federal Holidays
Health Benefits
Life Insurance
Retirement Benefits
Thrift Savings Program
Continue covering forms below
_____ SF-2823 Designation of Beneficiary (FEGLI)
_____ *SF-1152 Designation of Beneficiary (Unpaid Compensation)
_____ SF-3102 Designation of Beneficiary (FERS)
_____ SF-2808 Designation of Beneficiary (CSRS)
_____ TSP-3 Designation of Beneficiary (THRIFT) (form is mailed directly to TSP)
_____ *Standards of Ethical Conduct
I have been provided all the forms indicated above.
_________________________________________________ _________________
Employee Signature Date


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